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Super fast invoicing
Send PDF invoices to your customers in less than 15 seconds - without even opening your email.
Calendar integration
Automatically adds your signings to the calendar on your smartphone or Google calendar.
Instant driving directions
Get instant driving directions to each signing with a single click.
Integrated mileage log
NG automatically calculates your Federal tax deduction for mileage.
Stress free tax returns
Generate the report that your accountant needs to do your taxes in less than 10 seconds.
Track your invoices
You'll instantly know who owes you money and how much...even your profit per signing
Save big $$$ on your taxes
Tracks your notarial acts to make sure you minimize self employment tax - current rate is 15.3% of profit.
Super easy accounting
Accounting tools that make it super easy to track all your business expenses.
Send e-cards
Build personal connections with your customers by adding a personal touch with NG's electronic greeting cards!
Include your logo on invoices and reports.
Mobile access
100% mobile so you can access NotaryGadget from your desktop, smartphone, and tablet.
Safe and secure
NG is 100% cloud based and employs advanced data encryption to make sure your privacy is protected and your data automatically backed up every night.
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