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Used by tens of thousands of notaries on
5.9 million signings

and counting...

NotaryGadget is an accounting/manage your entire notary business app for notaries and signing agents.

It makes just about everything you do faster and easier so you can spend more time earning money and less time doing administrative stuff. It streamlines:

Tracking Mileage
Tracking Notarial Acts
Tracking Expenses
Tracking Payments
Electronic Journal

Manage your notary jobs like a pro.

Every experienced notary knows that being organized and on top of your game is the key to getting more signings.

NotaryGadget helps you do that by organizing your signings and managing every task on each signing.

It does everything from tracking which appointments have been confirmed to tracking mileage to tracking notarial stamps and even automatically generating invoices.

It works on loan signings, field inspections, and all other types of notary work.

Advanced Automation that saves you a ton of time.

Automatically import your signing orders from all the major signing platforms, signing services, and escrow and title companies.
Automatically send appointment reminders to your customers.
Create your own custom email and text message templates. No more typing out the same email and text messages over and over again.

Save $1,000's on your taxes.

Not only does NotaryGadget save you a ton of time, it also helps you save big on your taxes!  In fact, the average user saves over $1,600 per year and a busy notary can easily save over $10,000 by tracking their notarial acts with NotaryGadget.

This is one of the most widely unknown benefits of being a notary. Click here see how it works.

Ditch the shoe box.

With NotaryGadget you can upload receipts for any expense using your computer, tablet, or from your phone with our free mobile app.

The system automatically scans a digital copy of the receipt and links it to the expense.  If you ever need to see the receipt again, just click on the expense and boom...there's your receipt.

Loaded with automation that saves you time and money.


Auto import orders from SnapDocs, SigningOrder, and all the major signing, escrow, and title companies.


Automatically calculates your mileage deduction on every signing.


Setup automatic personalized appointment reminders for your customers.


Create your own email templates. No more retyping the same email over and over again.


Instantly generate and send invoices with a single click, including your own logo.


Automatically add signings and appointments to your phone and your calendar.


Instantly generate the report you need for your taxes, including your IRS notarial acts savings.


Works on all devices (computers, macs, tablets, phones, etc).


Free mobile app for Android and iPhone.


Completely integrated electronic journal with signature pad, ID scanning, and more.


Bank level privacy and security and we never share your info. Learn more

Recommended by just about everyone.

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NotaryGadget was founded over 10 years ago and has been meticulously developed based on the feedback of tens of thousands of users.

It's recommended by just about every major training program, influencer, and association in the notary industry.

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