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Real testimonials from real people.

These are real comments made by real users. The only thing we've changed are spelling and puncuation mistakes.

Jocelyne C. - Long Beach, NY

How is it going, you ask?...Please, let me begin...
So I get my subscription to my notary magazine, and as I'm turning the pages, out falls this blue flyer about your software.
I look through it and it catches my eye because it seems to cover all the different elements in keeping track of my business all in one bundle.Interesting. So I go online to your website and read through some more, and see that there is a 15 signing trial. Now, you have my attention.
So I sign up for the trial period, thinking if the 15 free signings are not enough to make sure this software is right for me, then maybe I'll subscribe for a month just to make sure I have enough time to play around with it and see if it meets my needs.
I created my account and within 15 minutes, I had signed up and subscribed for 3 years.By the third entry of the free trial, I knew this is what I have been looking for. Not only does your software meet my needs, it has exceeded my expectations!!
The reports that can be generated are perfect for my record keeping, my itemization for taxes, and my overall business organization.The data entry is so easy and user friendly plus being able to edit easily is a tremendous relief. And the mileage!!! By far the best mileage tracker I have ever had!!
I have been a Notary for 23 years as well as a Certified Signing Agent. This makes my record keeping so easy but most importantly, so very efficient, and for that I am grateful!
I Love, Love, LOVE this software. My only regret is that I did not find you sooner!

JJ G. - Newark, CA

Not a question, just a comment YOU'RE AWESOME. Just got ready for taxes in less then 5 minutes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Suzanne S. - Brentwood, CA

I have been using NotaryGadget for almost 2 years. At first I was a little hesitant to make the purchase, so I started with the free trial offer, but it was the BEST investment I could have made in my business. Not only is the software user friendly, it's very specific to what we need as notaries. I also love that I can securely access my account from anywhere, but the BEST part about NotaryGadget is that the team and CEO are very responsive to all my questions and inquires, believe me, I have made a lot over the last 2 years. As my business grows, I count on the NotaryGadget software to keep me organized and connected to my clients.  Thank you Notary Gadget for making my life easier so I can do what I love.

Deborah G. - Tyler, TX

Honest feedback. I really didn't think I would use your service, however, it has proved me wrong. A signing company who still owes me $150.00 had the signing in their system, however, they did not put it into their accounting system to pay me. If I would not have had the signing in the software, I would have missed out on the $150. So, the way I figure it, your software just paid for itself for 15 months. Kudos and thank you!!!!!!

Rosalie D. - Winchester, CA

I have been using NotaryGadget since its start and it has organized my finances as well as managed my accounts.  Can't live without it.  It is simple, organized and the invoices are quick and easy and managing my time is the best of all.  Every Notary needs this.

Jennifer F. - San Jose, CA

Thank you soooo much. I just emailed my first invoice. This is a great tool. I called the notary that shared Notary Gadget with me to thank her and I will also share with other notaries. Again, Thank you, Thank you.

Maria G. - San Diego, CA

Your software is awesome.  I am a full time notary and you wouldn't believe how much time it saves me.  I use to spend hours creating invoices.  Now it takes me 2 minutes.

John B. - Tucson, AZ

Hope you guys are doing okay. I love your service, and would love to recommend it to others, but I rarely run into other mobile notaries unless they also run a signing agency. If there's any kind of endorsement you'd like me to make, I'd be happy to do it. You've certainly made the nasty part of the business a lot easier.

Anita L. - Denver, CO

This is by far the best notary software I have ever used.  Someone finally figured out how to make a software program that's easy to use.  And believe me, if I can use it, anyone can.

Maria S. - Chino Valley, AZ

I love Notary Gadget. What a timesaver & a lifesaver, especially at tax time!!

Michael T. - Sauk Centre, MN

I have used the software for a number of months now and it has, currently, everything that I require in a simple interface.  I am an IT guy and programmed a spreadsheet that I am getting rid of, based on using this software.  I endorse Notary Gadget to all my notary friends.  Keep up the good work.

Don P. - Fort Worth, TX

I probably save 2-3 hours a week of work with Notary Gadget.  I can't believe I ever used anything else.

Joanne C. - Murrieta, CA

I just want to say how much I like this program. It has made my life a lot easier and I am now much more disciplined at entering my signings every day. Thank you.

Joe C. - Phoenix, AZ

I am fascinated with how easy it is to use your software program, so much that I decided to subscribe to your site before my free trial ended.  Thank you.  P. S. you guys are the best!

James F. - Gulfport, MS

I have done over a 100 successful signings in a month and it has been my best business tool.  Thanks and I will continue to spread the word.

Lauren S. - Rochester, MI

I can't believe how much time it saves me, especially compared to Excel.  You guys rock!

Mary G. - Anaheim, CA

I've been in the business for almost 10 years and have tried a bunch of different software programs. This is by far the easiest to use.
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